Thursday, March 1, 2007

My Pet Peeve

Okay, this post will be short and sweet but this is something that has been bugging me a lot lately.
We live in a small town where everybody knows everybody and there are no secrets. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Most of the time I appreciate the fact that it's such a close community. However, we're known as the family that has "those two boys from Russia." Seriously, whenever I go into town (okay, how country does that sound??), I get at least one comment from someone about our boys being adopted or being from Russia or both. Not that we mind that everyone knows this. We're very proud of the fact that we adopted our children from Russia, and would never want them to feel ashamed of that fact. And we absolutely don't mind volunteering the fact that we adopted the boys from Russia if it happens to come up in natural conversation. I just don't get why that's the first descriptive out of everybody's mouths. Why can't we be the family with those two adorable boys, or even the family with the son that always wears boots (S.) and the little wild one (M.)?
Last night we were at an event and I went up to introduce myself. Once they heard my last name their first response was "You're the one with the two Russian boys." Arrrgghhh. I mean, it's not like I would go around describing my niece as having come from her mother's uterus. I realize that adoption is a special, and fairly uncommon, thing in our area. But I hate that my boys and family are constantly labeled with that fact.
Okay, enough ranting. I guess that wasn't so short or sweet.


Anonymous said...

I completely understand. We, too, live in a rural area and it drives me batty that my daughter is always introduced as being from Russia. What the f**k does it matter where she was born? You gotta love those small-town traits.
Take care,

Christen & Frank said...

hahaha! :) love this post! so true, though.

I think my DH and I would probably come up with a sarcastic response. (not always the right answer - but sometimes we can't help ourselves). I'd probably say something like, "yes, S & M are from Russia, I'm from Grand Blanc, Michigan and Frank is from Oxford, Michigan. Nice to meet you. Where did you say you came from?" :)

As you know, we don't have kids yet, but when the adoption issue gets brought up with friends there is already the beginning of a "label." It's like a conversation peice. Oh well, what can you do?!