Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Do You Want Some Ketchup and Mustard With That?

I just had to share something cute that S said this weekend. M is still in the nursery, where there is his toddler bed and the crib (because Stu was too lazy to take it down once M was out of it.) So this weekend I decided it was time to move M's toddler bed to S's room so they can start learning how to share a room (i.e., sleep in the same room together, peacefully) before we bring HotDog home. S came up and saw the nursery and got the biggest smile on his face. I asked why he was so excited (naively thinking he was happy to share his room with M) and he turned to me and said, "We have room for five cribs now so when you go to Russia you can bring five HotDogs home!" I didn't have the heart to dampen his happiness so I just nodded my head and said "We'll see."
Can you imagine that plane ride home?!?!


Anonymous said...

What a cutie-patootie. Isn't the innocence of youth wonderful? If it was just that easy I'd bring home five at once.

mommyto5 said...

too cute, and no I could not imagin that plane ride 2 was hard enough:)

Suz said...

That is so sweet! Isn't it true, though, while you're there [at the orphanage] you wish you COULD bring five of them home??!!

But NO I absolutely cannot imagine the plane ride!!!

AEmom said...

Welcome home (yep, I'm a bit late!). I can not imagine the flight with 5 on the way home...I'm having a hard enough time imagining the flight home with just one at this point!

B said...

Oh, how funny!!
The wisdom of our youth!!!
Keep Smiling.. she'll be home soon.

Christen & Frank said...

so cute! :) do you have any girlie nursery stuff yet?