Friday, March 23, 2007

Who Am I Kidding?

There is no way I want to wait until summer is over to go and meet my daughter. I want to get on a plane RIGHT NOW and fly to Astrakhan. I guess hearing that we're so close to getting a referral, coupled with the fact that I've been talking to two families who will be heading to Astrakhan in just a few of weeks, has made me realize how excited I am to be so close to meeting my little girl. All of my previous patience and zen-like attidue is gone. Stu just rolls his eyes at me and says that I'll change my mind tomorrow. But I don't think so. I WANT TO MEET MY HOT DOG!

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mommyto5 said...

Prayers you get to meet your precious daughter soon and when you do your life will forever be changed:)