Friday, March 18, 2011

Sprout Update!

The week just keeps getting better. Birthday celebrations, gorgeous weather and now an update on our little Sprout!
I sent a small care package to Sprout last week through Sheri and Katherine at Gifts to China With Love. I tried not to get my hopes up that we would receive any new information on Sprout, as I know her orphanage tends to be a bit closed-mouth. But Katherine worked her magic and yesterday I had new pictures and an update in my inbox!! I was thrilled to see new pictures of our little sweetheart but I was even happier to get new information on her since the referral information is more than six months old. I'm relieved that it sounds like she is doing fantastic. According to the report she is very smart, can say some words but prefers not to talk, is not introverted but not very outgoing, prefers to help the nannies take care of the other children, and is a very good eater. her personality sounds identical to HD - I have a feeling they are either going to be best friends or are going despise each other. I suppose time will tell. Sprout is still a little peanut (probably due her thyroid issue along with orphanage living); at just a little bit over 2-years-old, she is a tiny 22 pounds. Looks like she'll have some catching up to do when she gets home. Speaking of which, while I was keeping my fingers crossed for August travel it is looking more and more like it will be September. We are still waiting for US immigration approval; while it looks like they are speeding up a little bit, it is still much slower than it was during Pudding's adoption. Of course I would be on the next plane out to get her if possible, but I know this is out of my hands. In the meantime we are taking advantage of the spring weather and hitting up the zoo and parks, taking long bike/stroller rides and beginning soccer season. Next week the Bigs and I are heading to Florida for a spring break trip. We will miss Pudding and HD (and Stu too) but I think Monkey and Chipmunk deserve a little one-on-two time with Mommy. They are so good and patient with the Littles; I can't wait to focus all of my attention on them for a change. Honestly, not changing a diaper for more than a week and not having my schedule revolve around the naptimes of toddlers sounds like a little bit of heaven.
Without further ado, here is our newest little love...she is absolutely adorable (despite the horrible haircut). I can't wait to get her in my arms!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Three years ago a little baby girl was born in a land far, far away. That little girl had a head full of hair and tiny little rosebud lips. That little baby has now turned into a full-fledged toddler. She is sweet, sassy, independent, funny, opinionated, completely lovable, and always full of hugs and kisses (especially for her big brothers). She is a mother hen, constantly making sure the boys are following the rules and quick to let me know when they aren't. She is such a girly-girl - she loves to wear dresses, paint her toenails, wear bows in her hair, and is dying to get her ears pierced (which Daddy has forbid). She also loves to play in the mud with her brothers and can run circles around Monkey and Pudding with a soccer ball. She is everything I've ever dreamed of in a daughter and I can't wait to continue to watch her grow up into a beautiful young woman.
We celebrated her big day by having lunch with Daddy at Chu*ck E. Chee*se. HD had only been once when she was much younger and this was Pudding's first visit. The Littles had fun (though Pudding got WAY overstimulated!) until HD made her way into the tunnel maze. Poor girl couldn't find her way out and became hysterical; adults aren't allowed in (due to weight limits) so I had to wait until a teenager came by and went in to rescue her. I'm pretty sure HD was traumatized and will never go in another tunnel as long as she lives.
We ended the day with a small cake and ice cream. Lucky girl gets to continue the birthday celebration this weekend with our extended family. Happy 3rd Birthday to my sweet little HD!!

The Birthday Girl

Game time

Pudding love

Amazed by the big cheese-eater

So much fun to open presents

Anyone think Monkey is more excited than HD?

Girl loves cake!