Wednesday, March 7, 2007

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Things seem to be moving very slow in our region right now. And surprisingly, we're really okay with this (or at least I am; I think Stu would jump on a plane tomorrow if we got the call). When we turned in our dossier we expected to be traveling around this time, based on our previous adoptions and with the most recent families in Astrakhan. Now it looks like it could be June before we travel on the first trip. There are still a lot of other families in front of us that need to get referrals before it's our turn. I can't complain about that because it means more of the kids will be joining families.
So if it looks like we won't be going on our first trip until June, we're tossing around the idea of holding back our dossier and waiting until September"ish" to travel. Don't worry, it would be before they matched us with a child - we would never leave our little girl in an orphanage for a day longer than necessary. We would just let them know to put other families ahead of us for a few months. Our rationale for this is that if we're going to be waiting for at least 3 more months, what's another 2 months after that? We'll get to spend the entire summer with S. and M., just hanging out and doing what we want, without the stress of impending travel, etc. And S. is a child that thrives on routine. He'll be starting a 4-year-old program in the fall and be going to school every morning, 5 days a week...sniff, sniff. I would hate to be gone for a lot of the summer, bring home a new baby sister, and then have him start school all within a span of 3 months. I think he would have a horrible time with all of the change. Plus, little M. could definitely use more time as the baby of the family.
Those are our thoughts right now. We won't make any decisions until April, once we see how the region is progressing. Of course, a million things could change. But the thought of a carefree summer with the boys does sound awfully appealing!

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AEmom said...

Hi Allison, thanks for coming over to my blog. I can't say that I blame you one bit for wanting a quiet summer. You'll know what is best for your boys. Good luck on your journey.