Tuesday, February 27, 2007

All Quiet on the Western Front

So Stu has been bugging me to add a new post to the blog, but the truth is I don't have much to talk about. Things in our household have been remarkably calm and quiet (knock on wood). Usually we are in constant state of chaos, sickness, or are just plain busy. Recently things seem to have settled down into a nice quiet routine. We've had a lot of down-time and Stu and I have both really enjoyed just hanging out with the boys each night. We've hung out with our families. This past weekend we took the boys to an indoor pool with my MIL, niece and other family members. It was so much fun and the boys had such a good time! It was a great way to get rid of the cabin fever we've all been suffering from, and the boys were completely worn out by that night. Yeah! I did get a little freaked out while we were there. Both of the boys enjoy the water and S. is getting to be a very good swimmer (with a life jacket on). But he's getting really brave so I have to keep a constant eye on him to make sure he's not getting "too brave". M. still wants to be held the entire time he's in the water. But I couldn't help thinking, "What the hell am I going to do when we bring Hot Dog home this summer?" Chances are we'll be spending a lot of the time at the pool (our cousins have a really nice pool in their backyard that we go to constantly). How am I going to watch S., hold M., and hang onto Hot Dog too?? While we are absolutely ready for a third child, I still have moments where the actual logistics of having a third child scare the heck out of me! But I guess we'll deal with that when the time comes.
For now, I'm enjoying the calmness that has enveloped my family, because chances are it won't last for long!

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