Thursday, February 8, 2007

Current status

It seems as if everyday someone is asking what the status is with our current adoption. I think that things went so fast with the adoptions of S. and M. that they are expecting us to bring home HotDog* any day now. But things have slowed in the Russian adoption world due to some regulatory changes. And since we are requesting a girl this time around, we expected to wait longer for a referral. We think we'll be traveling in mid-April at the very earliest, more likely May/June. I'm actually hoping for later for several reasons: 1. Stu's sister is getting married in late April and I would hate to miss all of the celebrations. 2. April/early May is Stu's busiest time of the year for his job. 3. We've been to Russia 4 times, all in the winter; I'm really looking forward to traveling during warm weather this time. I can't imagine how much easier it will be to travel without winter coat/gloves, bulky sweaters, etc!
And honestly, we're in absolutely no hurry this time. M. is doing so good with his weekly OT (for his sensory issues) and I think he needs to be the "baby" for a little while longer. His little personality is really blooming right now. Poor S. has been ready for a little sister since the day we brought M. home. But he's going to have to wait a little bit longer.
The only downside I see to traveling during that time is that the second trip will now require me to be in Russia (by myself, yikes!) for almost a month...I'll do an entire post on that soon. Which means that I'll miss the nicest part of summer with my boys. May/June is when it's warm, but not humid, and we can stay outside literally from the time we wake up until we go to sleep. The boys are such outdoor kids. By the time we get home and settled with the new little one, it will be the HOT and HUMID. Yuck!
So anyway, we'll hopefully hear some good news by late March/early April; that sounds like so far away but looking at the calendar shows that it's really not too bad of a wait at all.

*HotDog is the name that S. came up with when we mentioned the idea of a little sister to him. He is adament that is her name regardless of what other names we've suggested we might call her. We have no idea where he came up with it but so far (4+ months) it has stuck and she's officially called HotDog by friends and family.

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Christen & Frank said...

LOVE it! hotdog is such a cute name and perfect because most of us like to have bloggerland names for the kids anyways :) We're still pretty far away from adopting, but we call our child Olive when we talk about him/her.