Monday, March 8, 2010

Only a few more days....

Lunchtime with other families

Pudding showing off his muscles

Helping the doctor

Pudding was a little bored with shopping.

This is pudding not smiling for once, but the poor little guy just got four shots!

As Allison and Pudding went to bed early tonight I just wanted to send a quick update.

Today's big accomplishment was completion of the medical exam and vaccinations necessary for him to be allowed into the US. Several of you have commented that he never seems to have an unhappy moment. Well you should have been there for the medical exam. All the doctors had to do was look at him and he broke down in tears. There was no need to test his lungs as everyone in the hospital could hear that they were clear and working fine.

Pudding had to get four vaccinations (don't know which ones - Allison is the medical expert). I thought it was best that Allison held him during the shots for a couple reasons. First I probably would have passed out at the sight of that many needles...... secondly somebody had to be the good guy and rescue him when they were all done. When they came out Pudding wouldn't even look at Allison or our translator for 15 minutes he was so mad at them.

A new part of Pudding's personality has starting developing the past couple of days. He has become quite the organizer. For instance at the doctors today he keep picking up all the toys and putting them away while the other 10 kids were dragging them out. He also lined up all the tables in the hotel play room so they were in a straight line. Some people (my wife) may see this as being an "anal accountant". I see it as being a "highly intelligent and superior " individual. There is a fine line between those two descriptions.....

I'm sitting here now with both Allison and Pudding snoring while I'm watching a James Bond movie in Chinese. I think when we get home me and Allison will sound like a bad James Bond movie when we are splitting the kids up........You take the Russians, I'll take the Asians.

Well only 4 days until we start traveling home and it can't come quick enough. Can't describe how bad we miss our kids. Everything about this trip has gone so well but can't wait to get home. We know they are doing great but I'll certainly be happy to have all four of them surrounding us Saturday night.


Ronda said...

Poor little guy!! I didn't even realize that they gave shots at the medical exams - - I guess our girls were young enough (8 mos and 10 mos) not to need them!! I like that organization - he's welcome to come try to organize our house once he settles in!! LOL

Rebekah said...

I can only imagine how much you miss your children, and want your family together! We continue to pray for you all and think of you daily! Love the James Bond comment - made me laugh! You have such a beautiful family.

Lori said...

Poor Pudding!!! Well, with as much as he smiles, he is CERTAINLY entitled to some tears for shots!!!

Maria said...

Is it just me or does that little girl you are eating lunch with look just like Ellie?? :-)

Christen and Frank said...

Spoken like a true accountant. Frank would love that "organization" line.

And btw, I laughed out loud (literally) at the James Bond comment. Too funny!