Saturday, March 6, 2010


Just a quick post to let everyone know that we made it safely to GZ. The airplane ride was not fun. After sitting on the runway for an extra thirty minutes, Pudding had eaten his ration of Cheerios. It was a long three hours of keeping him occupied and quiet. Of course, he fell asleep literally three minutes before we landed. But we're here at the White Swan and looking forward to our last week in China. We were excited to find out that we'll be with another family during our week here; it will be nice to have another family to spend time with...not that I'm sick of Stu or anything:) We went for a quick dinner with our guide and the other travel family and got the lay of the island. It was fantastic to let Pudding run some energy off in the playroom tonight.
The temperature here is a humid 75 degrees but it's supposed to rain and get colder tomorrow. Still much warmer than Beijing though. Not having to bundle up in our winter coats ad layers will be a nice change.
Off to bed now; we are all exhausted after our day of travel.


Christina said...

Enjoy Guangzhou. We were unprepared with how warm it would be and had to buy t-shirts while we were there. Loving the pictures and updates.

Lori said...

Hope that it continues to be fun and fabulous this week!!!

Maria said...

You are certainly on the downhill slide now. Glad the weather is warmer. Hope the plane ride home goes smoothly.

Ronda said...

If you get a chance, eat at Lucy's for us!!! And if Michael's Place is still there, he is super nice! And I don't think it's possible to be on Shamian Island without going to Sherry's Place and/or Jennifer's Place!! The names of the shops are so creative (wink) and very easy to remember!! We had laundry done at Sherry's or Jennifer's - - they did a great job - - if you're looking for someplace a little cheaper than the White Swan!!