Saturday, October 11, 2008

Ear Trouble, Soccer & Sausage Casserole

So Allison is running into the first bump in the road of her new motherhood. Our HotDog seems to have gotten an ear infection. She's been pulling on it and is having trouble eating. Both of our boys have had ear tubes so it looks like we might be 3 for 3 in that arena.

The good news is that my girls have received all the paperwork and met all the other requirements that they need in order to travel to Kazakhstan on Monday. From there they will have two days of paperwork and doctor's appointments before they come home on Thursday. It can't come soon enough.

The boys had their last soccer game today. The Monkey got more involved this week than he ever has. He has come along way in his first session. Our Chipmonk continued his work as defensive MVP. He also scored a great goal, but he still gets more excited when he makes a nice defensive play. I have really enjoyed watching them really understand the game better this year.

Finally just a quick thanks to my mother & father (and my grandparents) who have helped me out a ton this past week. The boys spent a few days on the farm and were completely entertained. The best part of when they are down home is that they stay so busy with the cows and tractors and barns that they really don't have time to miss their mom. We all know they can't wait for Allison & HotDog to get here, but at least it isn't in front of their minds.

Also my mother made me my favorite dish on earth. Sausage casserole has about 1,000,000 calories and no telling how many fat grams. When you eat it you can feel the cholesterol building inside your heart. If I'm ever on death row, this will be my final meal. Now obviously my father is concerned for my health since he stole about a quarter of it (without mom noticing).

So keep saying your prayers, my girls have a 4 hour car ride on Monday up to Kazakhstan so we are all hoping the trip is uneventful. We are getting closer.....



Carey and Norman said...

Sorry to hear about the ear infections. Glad things are going well otherwise with Allison and Hot Dog.

Glad you and the boys are having fun and staying busy. Sausage casserole. Sounds yummy!

Hilary Marquis said...

Poor little darling! We are 3/4 in the tubes department in this house. Glad that at least the paperwork is cooperating. We'll pray for that drive to Kaz and for Hot Dog's ears.

Margaret and Tom said...

I am thinking of Allison and the baby and hoping they have a safe drive tomorrow! Yum, that sausage cassarole sounds good...I am sure Allison will be hungry for some as well when she gets home from will just have to make lots more!

Maria said...

Stu, let me just say that you have the most beautiful blessing coming home to you. She is so sweet and pretty. I was SO excited to get to finally meet Allison and to see HotDog. I can assure you that we are going to be getting our girls together when we get home!! I'm praying for easy travels today for Ally and HotDog.