Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Happy Days

Not much to say, instead I will fill this post with pictures. We are enjoying these last few relaxing days in Guangzhou. Yesterday we went back to Shamian Island to check Sprout's TB test (she had a reaction but it was under the limit thank goodness). Then we took advantage of our time on the island and went shopping! I bought small gifts for people back home and stocked up on traditional silk dresses for Sprout and HotDog. Sprout definitely enjoyed the beautiful day. She loves being pushed in the stroller by Chipmunk and had fun playing amongst the statutes. The rest of the day was spent lounging around the hotel.
Today it was rainy so we stayed close to the hotel. Stu and kiddos visited a local temple while I stayed back at the hotel with a sinus headache. Tonight we enjoyed a dinner cruise on the Pearl River. Sprout devoured corn on the cob and Chipmunk had a great time looking at the lights on the shore.
Tomorrow is our consulate appointment where we will apply for Sprout's visa. That should be issued on Thursday afternoon and we will take the train to Hong Kong right after that. Friday morning we head home! We have so enjoyed our time in China but are more than ready to come home. Skyping with the kids at home tonight was fantastic but made us realize how much we miss our whole family being together. I can't wait to snuggle with all five of my children together.

A few random notes:
-I have been waking up much earlier than everyone else. I am up by 5:30 (while everybody else sleeps until 8:30ish). I have found that I love to slip over to Starbucks and grab a coffee and then walk the streets of Guangzhou by myself. It is so quiet (relatively speaking) at that time while the city is waking up. The shopkeepers are just opening their doors, schoolchildren are walking to school, older people practicing tai chi in the park. It is such a peaceful way to begin my day.
-Many people have commented on Sprout smiling in every picture. I am telling the truth when I say she is absolutely joyous. She reminds us so much of Pudding in that she always has a smile on her face. As a matter of fact, she said her first unprompted word tonight..."Happy!"
-Little girl also loves to dance. The instant she hears music, she starts shaking her booty. It's absolutely adorable.
-She is becoming quite vocal. Last night she sang cute little tunes for 30 minutes. Tonight she was speaking many Chinese words to our guide Aron.
-Her laugh is hilarious. I'm going to have to post some video of it. It sounds like the Cowardly Lion's laugh in Wizard of Oz. This hoarse, breathy kind of laugh, followed by snorting.
-Chipmunk has amazed me on this trip. I always knew he was a fantastic big brother but he has gone above and beyond during the past week and a half. He is constantly entertaining Sprout, walking the hallways with her, basically being her slave. Whatever she wants he is there to provide in a second. She adores him. He's also been great about our daily scheduleand has really rolled with the punches. He has eaten anything placed in front of him and has willingly tried so many new foods. I seriously couldn't be any prouder of him.


Christen L said...

I adore that picture of her in line with the other "children" (statues)! The morning walks sound amazing!! I imagine you will hold onto those memories as your own special time during this adoption forever. Maybe it's something I'll keep in mind for our next adoption. Hopefully we won't be in Russia in the winter! ;)

Chipmunk seems like such an amazing kid! Good job Mom!!! I've loved reading his blog. So cool to hear a child's perspective of adoption.

Aunt Sassy said...

I cannot wait to meet Mollie and see all of you in 2 weeks! Glad you have a good adventure in China. Do you realize that it's official now . . . you have the largest clan in the Guthrie family since Nanny & Pappa! No one has had more than 4 kids up til now :)

Anonymous said...

Your blog is making me very teary eyed! Always have known Sawyer is so very special, such a good big brother! I can hardly sleep for being so excited to see everyone on Friday! love Puffy and Papa

La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Thanks for the comment! We loved Aron. If you are still in GZ, please tell her hello. We would love to stay in touch with her!

So happy for your family.

Kim Abraham said...

I have LOVED following your blogs during this trip! Your newest daughter is absolutely adorable and your oldest son is amazing. You guys have the coolest family and you have to be so proud of your five kids!!!! Your stories are so inspiring that if we ever decide to add a 6th kid to our family, we will most definitely consider China's special need children. May God Bless You Always!

April Taylor said...

I love her and love your family!!!! So unbelievably happy for you all. What an amazing blessing. She needed a family and you needed Mollie and the whole thing is so wonderful!