Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day Two

We had a long night last night so Allison is already in bed and left the nightly blogging to her wonderful husband.

So last night we found out Sprout has a bit of a sensitive stomach. I guess we may have overdone it a bit with the first couple meals as she had an upset belly all night so we took turns walking, rocking and changing diapers. She finally passed out and got a couple hours sleep. But she woke up very happy this morning and was in a great mood all day so no harm done.

Luckily today was pretty light on official duties as we took about 2 hours this morning to finalize some documents and get everything notarized and some photos taken. We then came back to the hotel had a quick lunch and then my favorite time of every trip....Family nap time. It was awesome. We made up for the bad night by taking a three hour nap. Well everyone did except Sawyer who did homework and played on the computer while he listened to the three of us snore.

After our nap we took a long walk down to the pedestrian street. It was packed with people and full of energy. We walked down to the Bund to take in the skyline at nighttime (see photo below). We ended up with a late dinner at the noodle restaurant across from our hotel. It is much more of a locals place and needless to say we don't exactly fit in. But I still wasn't expecting the cook to come out and sit down with us. They were all very impressed with Chipmunk's chopstick ability and watching us with Sprout. We were very careful with what we feed her tonight so hopefully we won't have a repeat of last night.

Overall we had a great day with Sprout. She is certainly feeling more comfortable around us. I think I'm starting to regret bringing Chipmunk with us. I am coming in as the third favorite behind Allison and him. They play great together and he certainly is a natural with her. Tomorrow is a sightseeing day so it should be nice and relaxed.


Michele said...

She looks so happy!We are all very happy things are moving at a good speed. She looks like she loves all of you so much & love the photos of you all.So happy for you all.Can't wait to see her with all the other kids.

JennStar said...

So, so excited for you guys!!! (and you did a fab job blogging for Allison, by the way!). Enjoy your sight-seeing day!!

Bernadette said...

What a kiss and what a smile to go with it. Keep us posted ... this is fun for us!!

Christen L said...

Her smile lights up the whole blog! Wow. What a happy girl?! Enjoy the sights! :)

Sharon said...

She looks so happy...and so do you! Glad all is going well! :)

Anonymous said...

What a joy!!! Congratulations! Your little girl is beautiful!! Our little girl is 2 1/2 too and in the same orphanage.. wonder if our girls are friends!
Happy day to you!!
Tricia Robinson

mblatham said...

Poor Stu. :-( She will come around, I'm sure. :) LOVE the night time photo of the city. JEALOUS that I'm not there as your official photog, but, maybe "next time". :-)