Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Princess Playdate

Although Kyrgyzstan has a relatively small IA program, we are lucky that there are many families in our region with children from Kyrg. And it just so happens that HD's best friend, Ellie, only lives about two hours away. We try to meet up every couple of months, but between our crazy schedules it usually ends up being 3-4 months between visits. We were SO happy to figure out that all of our kiddos were out of school for Election Day so we decided to meet up at a fun playplace half way between us. As it turns out, all of the big boys had other plans so it was just the toddlers; but boy-oh-boy did they have fun together. We played for hours; the kids jumped, ran, and played the entire time. They were so tired afterwards that during our quick lunch, we were actually complimented on their behavior. Ha! It was such a fun day. We can't wait for our next playdate and hope many of the other families with Kyrgyz kids can join us.

The girls had so much fun in the bounce house.

The playhouse/kitchen was another hit

Anybody want some eggs?

Ellie, the future musician

Ellie's face in the window cracks me up!

HD loves to slide

Pudding was fascinated by the Lego wall

The girls spent a lot of time at the train table

My little monkey

Smiles at lunch!


Sarah said...

We'd love to join you all sometime! This last photo is a real winner! Great smiles.

Jeanne said...

What darlings!!

Christen L said...

Their little faces have such happiness! :) Love that slide picture!! I'm thinking Pudding is a future engineer/architect based on the lego pic.

Jackie said...

So cute! I was just looking through the photos from when we met you here in Boca at Playtown Cafe. I have such cute shots I need to share ;)

Rebekah said...

What beautiful kids!!! Love their smiles!

Carey and Norman said...

You are right in that our boys favor one another. Two cuties I must say!

Loved reading about HD and her friend (who is also a cutie tootie). I'm always thankful for having those relationships with other adoptive families and their children!

Michelle said...

Let me know next time and I will invite myself and Zeb along! haha

Margaret and Tom said...

Absolutely adorable! I wish we could come to a playdate...maybe someday!