Sunday, May 11, 2008

Husband of the Year!

The only thing I want to tell everyone is that I have the most wonderful, sweetest, cutest husband on earth. I go to bed everynight saying prayers of thanks.

Ok, she might not have said that exactly, but it was close. Since it's Mother's Day I am giving my wife the day off from blogging. This is Stuart here, wonderful father to the Chipmunk, Monkey and now HotDog.

To my boys at home, my mother, Nana, Nanny and the other approximately 12,000 family members, friends and fellow adopters, who are reading this, we miss you all very much and can't wait to get home. I hope everyone has/had a great Mother's Day. All of you guys are in our thoughts.

To all of Allison's blog friends, this will be the first time (and probably last after she reads it) you will hear from me so hello. I can't say that I've ever been on anyone's blog or traded emails with most of you, but I feel like I know you. Our nightly dinner conversation always contains the latest information of referrals, travel dates, agency compliments (and complaints) and a general update on all the wonderful kids.

So now to the details everyone is here for......We have visited HotDog the past three days (Friday to Sunday). She is doing great. It goes without saying that she is the most perfect, most beautiful, sweetest little girl on earth. It was really cool for Allison to get to spend time with her today on Mother's Day. I like to pretend that she will eventually be Daddy's little girl, but inside I know better. I can tell already by the way HotDog looks at her mother and how Allison looks at her daughter. They are a match made in Heaven.

We have been feeding her a bottle every day which takes about 45 seconds. She is like a vaccuum. It's amazing to watch. I even videotaped it today. She gets the hiccups after every feeding. At first, I thought it was something I was doing wrong, but after Allison fed her today she got them. So at least I know it's not something I'm doing. The weather this weekend has been great here. The last two days we have been allowed to take her outside out of the stuffy buildings. She really likes being walked around. I know that will come back to haunt us when she comes home, but we can't help it now.....

We bought a mobile at a kids store the other day and I installed it on her crib today (actually most of the physical work was done by our translator). She really loved watching it move and all the bright colors. She seemed to really try to hold her head up today. She seems to really be attracted to the color blue (UK FAN in the making!). We met again with the doctor yesterday and again she confirmed that she is a very healthy little girl. She seemed to have a bit of a runny nose, which will make her fit in very well with the boys and Allison.

We have seen several other children here that have already been referred and visited and others that are in the works. The caregivers are very excited to show off kids whose parents are in process of adopting them. All the kids are so cute. To you parents-in-waiting out there, please know and trust that your children are being taken care of very well. I can't tell you how much relief this gives us as we are getting closer to coming home.

Ok, enough of the sappy stuff. To close I'd like to give you the top five things to do while on a 12 hour layover in the Moscow airport......
5. Set a world record on hand-held Tetris of 357 lines.
4. Get lung cancer from second hand smoke from the 14,000 people smoking.
3. Talk with missionaries from Oklahoma for 3 hours.
2. Spend 45 mintues searching every little shop and snack cart for a "Coke Light".
1. Fall asleep in the middle of eating lunch from a combination of jetlag, overdosing on sleeping pills and general exhaustion from the entire process.

So that's it for my first and probably last blog post. I have to admit this is really harder than it looks. Again I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day and please keep saying prayers our trip continues to proceed so well. Also say an extra one for all the kids out there still waiting to meet their parents.....



Maria said...

How awesome Stu!! SO glad you wrote your thoughts. Maybe if I forward this on to Kevin we'll see some input from him! Glad HotDog likes UK Blue -- this is, after all, a must. Had friends at the Steeplechase yesterday so you were talked about at our ballpark. :-) Can't wait for you all to come home! Love the tips on what to do in the airport!! I'm certain HD will be a Daddy's girl -- no way around it guy!!
(one of the 12,000!)

Rachel said...

Awwww...Stu, you did a GREAT job! Loved your little Tetris and second hand smoke comments. I'm so happy you are having a great time with HotDog. Next time you'll have to come to Florida with Ally so we can meet the whole family!

Tricia said...

nice post, for a newbie!

Kevin Latham said...

Well Maria was right. This is my first time adding a comment to anyone's blog including Maria's. I enjoy reading everyone's blog that is linked to Maria's, although finding the time to sit down and read, let alone, type, seems to be a rare commodity in our household. Glad to hear that you are into KY Blue. Been a CATS fan since I was able to understand sports. Also enjoyed your comments regarding the aiport layover. We are hoping to get to experience this feeling very soon. Take care.

Kevin (Maria's silent partner)

Laura said...

Good job! Sounds like Hot Dog is a dream!
Happy Mothers Day to Allison.

Michele said...

We would like to thank you very much for the joy you bring to us by telling us about our little girl. You made our day. My husband was glad that you got to hold her. We can't wait for you to get home so we can see her. But we are so glad that you are there, getting to spend a little time with your baby. If she is anything like ours she is going to love you so very much. Terry was always hoping that I would get sick so he could have all the time to himself. It didn't happen, but I shared our time with her. Have fun over there & thank again.

Troy and Rachel said...

Stu - you did a fine job!! So glad the visits with Hotdog are going so well!!

Becky and Keith said...

Hi Stu! It's so great to see you post! Your visits with Hot Dog sound wonderful and don't worry - every little girl is always a Daddy's girl (and a Mommy's girl!). Happy Mother's Day to Allison! We're heading to Moscow on Friday so I'll be sure to hold my breath when walking through the airport.

Joel and Nancy said...

Hey Allison and Stu!

It is great to read about your happenings and your new little one! Stu, entry is great. I loved reading about the Moscow airport because it is so true.

Anyway, we wish the best for you and will continue to read.

Sincerely, Joel and Nancy

Jackie said...

What a great post!! So glad to hear such a wonderful report and to know that your little one will be the apple of both of your eyes.

And if you do come to FL, you will have to let me know, too!!! Noli and I are ready for some road trips :)

Keep enjoying!!!!

Carey and Norman said...

Loved the post, Stu. You did great.

I'm so glad time with Hot Dog has gone so well. I know how wonderful it is to visit your child and hold them in your arms. I love the fact that you bought a mobile for the crib. What a wonderful present to leave behind. I am also glad you've been able to enjoy the country and scenery.

Many blessings and safe travels as you come home!

Michael and Carrie said...

Great post! So glad to hear things are going so well with Hot
Dog! I know you cannot wait to bring her home forever!

Hilary Marquis said...

Nice job posting! I am so glad that your visit is going so well and that your little one is happy and healthy. Enjoy the airport...yuck!

Annie Fannie said...

Hi Allison and Stu. We can't wait to see your pictures and hear all about your trip and the baby girl. By the way, Jessica's pregnant so I'm finally going to be an aunt! She's due on Christmas Day. The boys were so funny when I had them this week- you are not going to believe what they told us!! Miss you and love you. We're making beach plans-I can't wait!!

Susan & Randy said...

Allison you may have some competition on the blog with Stu. He's pretty good at it!! Congratulations on your daughter, she sounds absolutely perfect and I can't wait to see pictures of your family all together.

Christen & Frank said...

Aww. That is so very sweet!

Happy Belated Mothers Day Ally!!! :)