Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Winter Wonderland

What better way to pass the endless days of waiting than with 7-8 inches of snow! Over the weekend we had a big snowfall. We are used to getting between 1-3 inches of snow. So when the boys woke up on Saturday morning and saw the winter wonderland in our backyard, they were thrilled! We immediately suited up in winter gear (the Monkey does NOT like the cold weather much so he was wearing several layers; very reminiscent of the brother in A Christmas Story) and braved the cold and had a blast playing outside for several hours. I'll include a few pictures of our fun snow day:

Of course, now we are paying for all of that fun. The Monkey has come down with a bad case of croup and pneumonia on top of that. Poor little guy. It seems like he has been sick all winter. We are so ready for spring to arrive!

No news on the adoption front. I still have a feeling that something is going to happen soon, but of course, I've felt that way for almost a year now and we're still waiting:) But seriously, I really do expect to see some movement very soon. I would LOVE to have a referral before Easter but I'm not holding my breath on that one. I'll be sure to post as soon as I hear anything.


Rachel said...

How cute are they?!! Astrakhan sure produces some good looking boys ;) So sorry to hear about your little one being sick. That is noooo fun, no fun at all. I hope he feels better soon!

Troy and Rachel said...

A referral before Easter sounds great. Your boys look like they were having so much fun. I hope the monkey feels better soon. Keep us posted.

Adrienne and Jim said...

Look how cute they are in the snow! They look like they had much more fun than Owen did :) I'm so sorry to hear Monkey is sick! Pneumonia is no fun at all! I hope he feels better soon, and I hope so much you get your referral very soon.

Becky and Keith said...

That IS a winter wonderland! What fun! :-) I'm sorry the little guy is sick. I think we're all ready for winter to be over! I hope you hear news soon!

Christen & Frank said...

Looks like fun to me! I miss the snow.

Sorry the M is sick. Hope he gets feeling better soon.... and you get that referral soon, too. :)