Thursday, November 15, 2007

One Year Ago Today

One year ago we sent in our dossier for our third adoption. One year ago we sat back and started dreaming of the little girl across the world who would become our daughter. One year ago we talked about how it would be our last Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family of four. One year ago we anxiously began to wait for the call.
Now, one year later, I really don't feel like we've made any progress at all. We are still dreaming of a little girl across the world, still anxiously waiting for the call, and still talking about how this will be our last Thanksgiving and Christmas as a family of four.
The past year has brought us so much joy too; I'm just feeling a little melancholy today as we hit the one-year mark.
I'm praying that one year from today we'll be holding our sweet little girl in our arms and reminiscing about how quickly the year has gone.


JennStar said...

Praying that this coming summer will be filled with little pink ruffle-butt bathing suits and flower-patterned sun hats! :o)

Michael and Carrie said...

I'm sure the wait has been very hard! I hope that you hear good news very soon! I've seen lots of rumors about 12 agencies being reaccredited in the very near future. Hopefully our agency will be included!! :)

Becky and Keith said...

I'm hoping that Thanksgiving gives us the news we've been waiting for with accreditation!! I'm sure it's hard realizing it's been a year, but just knowing that there is a little girl in your future helps! This wait is definitely a bear!

Troy and Rachel said...

We will praying for your little girl to find her way home soon. The wait is extremely hard and I hope to hear news of accreditation soon. Hang in there.

Christen & Frank said...

I'm sorry that the one year mark has come and gone without much forward progress. Thank goodness your boys are sooo adorable and such good munchkins! I have a feeling looking back that you won't remember the wait being so long. That happy parent amensia will kick in. :) Here's hoping it happens soon!!!!

mommyto5 said...

Prayers going out that you hear good news soon and you can go meet your daughter!

Carey and Norman said...

I cannot imagine how hard the last year has been. I know there are times that you think about your daughter more than others, but she is always in your heart. We will continue to pray for you as you Wait!

Christine said...

Hoping your child joins you very soon. I know the wait is hard. WE have just started the adoption process for the third time as well. :)

God Bless.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. You have two children - love them and appreciate them. Imagine those without the resources to adopt or seek other methods to parenthood.

And... here are some further words to consider:

Today upon a bus I saw a lovely girl with golden hair. I envied
her - she seemed so gay - and wished I were as fair. But suddenly
she rose to leave. I saw her hobble down the isle, she had only one
leg and wore a crutch, but as she passed, a smile…

Oh, God forgive me when I whine,

I have two legs, the world is mine.
I stopped to buy some candy. The lad who sold them had such charm. I
stopped to talk to him, he seemed so glad - if I was late could do
no harm. As I left he said to me, “I thank-you, you had been so
kind. It’s nice to talk to folks like you, you see,” he said, “I am
Oh, God forgive me when I whine,

I have two eyes, the world is mine.
Later while walking down the street, I saw a child with eyes of
blue. He stood and watched the others play, he did not know what to
do. I stopped a moment and said, “Why don’t you join the others,
dear?” He looked ahead without a word and then I knew, he couldn’t
Oh, God forgive me when I whine,

I have two ears, the world is mine.
With feet to take me where I go, with eyes to see the sun-set glow,
with ears to hear what I would know.
Oh, God forgive me when I whine,

I am blessed indeed, the world is mine!

Christen & Frank said...

Any news? I heard some agencies are re-accredited this week. Just wondering if this would help at all...

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!