Sunday, August 26, 2012

What a Difference a Day Makes

(A quick shout out of thanks to Stu for doing the quick blog post once we landed in Guangzhou. I know most of you figured out that it was his eloquent writing voicing the last post.)
When I last posted, I was still having a bit of a struggle with my attachment to Kangaroo. In the two days since then, it seems as though a cloud has lifted. While we were dreading the two hour flight from Shanghai to GZ with him, he was a total rock star. Our guide in Shanghai had given us a DVD of a popular Chinese children's program (Pleasant Goat) right before we left and that was a lifesaver. He watched the entire DVD on the flight and didn't make a peep. Between the sunshine in GZ, being surrounded with an amazing travel group of other adoptive families, and just finding our groove with each other, my mood has completely changed; I am finding myself more and more head-over-heels in love with our little boy. He continues to be so happy and friendly. At first I was a little worried about his indiscriminate affection (often a big red flag for possible attachment issues); as time has passed I am realizing that is just his personality. He definitely recognizes Stu and me as Mama and Baba and is just really enthusiastic about meeting new people. He loves to snuggle and give us hugs and kisses. I even got my first "wo ai ni" (I love you in Mandarin) at bedtime last about turning my heart into a big ole gushy pile of mush! He is still throwing a few fits when he doesn't get his way but even those don't last as long now that he realizes we aren't going to give in. His personality is emerging more and more each day too. He is quite the charmer and loves to wink at pretty girls. He has even picked up his first English phrase, "One minute, otay?"
We've been having lots of fun in Guangzhou. It is so nice to be at a hotel filled with other adoptive families. To be surrounded by so many other families that are going through the same struggles as us has been a lifesaver. We all help one another as much as possible and nobody pass judgment if a child has a fit in the middle of the lobby or lobs a piece of food at their head (sorry to the families sitting nearby at breakfast yesterday!). The support has been amazing. We've had lots of fun activities too. From swimming on the rooftop pool at the hotel (which Roo loved!) to visiting Safari Park, we've rarely had any time to be stuck in the hotel. I'm sure big adjustments are in store as we travel back home on Thursday and introduce Roo to all of his brothers and sisters. For now we are making the most of our time with our newest little love.

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Margaret and Tom said...

Yeah Allison! What a great smile he has! So happy things are going well...Can't wait to see more pics when you are on the home soil!