Sunday, October 30, 2011

Shanghai Sights

Today we had a fun day of seeing some sights around Shanghai. We began at the Yuyan Gardens, a garden area right in the middle of the city. The sun was out so it was a perfect day to stroll around this beautiful garden for awhile. After that we took advantage of some free time and strolled around the shopping area that surrounds the garden. It was quite busy and took Chipmunk a little while to get used to all of the pushy salespeople following us and trying to get us to buy everything that we glanced at.
We also were able to take a quick trip to the Bund, one of the famous areas of Shanghai. Our walk down on the waterfront nice and relaxing; I can't wait to visit that area at night and view the lights that are on all of the buildings. I've heard it's amazing.
Tonight we strolled down to Nanjing Road, the pedestrian street that is full of shopping and restaurants. It reminded us so much of our time in Beijing and our many walks down the pedestrian street there.
I can't believe in just a little over twelve hours we will finally meet the little girl that captured our hearts almost a year ago! Nervousness is starting to creep in as I'm sure Sprout is not going to be as happy to see us...I can't even begin to imagine how scared and bewildered she is going to be tomorrow. We are taking her from every single thing she has ever known; we look different, sound different, smell different. She is 2 1/2 years old and has lived in the orphanage for her entire life. There is no way that we can explain to her that we will be her family forever and that we will love and cherish her. She has no concept of what a family means. There is a very good chance that our sweet girl will be VERY sad to be placed in our arms and will grieve heavily for awhile. Whatever her reaction, we will deal with it and help her as much as possible. I'm hoping it won't be too long before we see that big smile of hers that we've seen in so many pictures.
Next post will be with Sprout in our arms!!


Maria said...

I LOVE the photos! I often think about how hard it would be if someone from another country came and took Ellie from all she knew. You are a wise mom to think of all the pain she will go through. Time and love will help her through the process. What she doesn't know is the wonderful life that awaits her with your family. Praying for a (relatively) smooth transition. Cannot wait to see photos of her!

Anonymous said...

LOVE seeing all of the pics... What wonderful memories SAWYER will have! We can't wait to see Mollie!!! Miss you guys!!

Becky said...

How much fun for Sawyer to be along on this trip with you! He's going to have such a sweet bond with her because he will really grasp and remember everything.
I will be thinking of you guys all day tomorrow and praying for everything to go smoothly!

Jackie said...

So happy for all of you and look forward to seeing and reading more :)