Monday, April 18, 2011

The Tooth Fairy

Our household has had a couple of visits by the Tooth Fairy this week. I expected one visit as Monkey has had a loose tooth for the past several weeks; but I never thought that the Tooth Fairy would be visiting my three-year-old!
Last Tuesday Pudding woke up from nap crying and pointing at his mouth. For him to wake up upset is unusual but once he refused to eat/drink I knew there was something really wrong with him. He managed to eat a little bit of rice later in the evening but I could tell he was still uncomfortable and his bottom teeth were bothering him. Bright and early the next morning we made a stop at our regular dentist. Pudding is still terrified of doctors (not that I blame him after his past experiences with heart surgery/tonsillectomy) but I was hoping that Pudding would feel comfortable since Stu's Crazy Aunt Carolyn works there. No surprise, however, that he wouldn't let them anywhere near his mouth. So off to a specialized pediatric dentist we went. I was keeping my fingers crossed that this appointment would be a little easier since they are geared towards working with children. No such luck. He flipped out the second we walked and I could see the terror in his little eyes. I had to hold him down while they took x-rays and the dentist took a quick peek at his teeth. Pudding kept reaching for me to rescue him and I felt so guilty that I couldn't help. I was shocked when the dentist told me that both of his bottom middle teeth needed to come out. I decided to go ahead and have it done then and there since I couldn't imagine bringing him back and putting him through this experience again. Luckily they gave him some medicine that made him groggy and he didn't seem too upset when they took him from my arms to perform the extractions. When they brought him back to me, he was hysterical. He kept pulling at his mouth (the numbness was really bothering him) and blood was everywhere. I was holding back tears as I tried to comfort him; I was literally sick to my stomach with guilt...not that I could have changed anything but it was just another traumatic experience at a doctor's office for him. My poor baby. Thankfully he feel asleep on the way home and woke up in a great mood with no problems at all with the teeth (or lack thereof). Since then he comes up about 5 or 6 times a day and asks "Where's the teeth? Bye bye teeth!" And while he has a big gaping hole in his smile, he is still as cute as ever.

Not to be outdone by his little brother, Monkey immediately started wiggling his loose teeth every second he could. He tried eating apples and even asked for string so he could wrap it around his tooth and a doorknob. I jokingly told him I would use the pliers to pull it and he actually considered it for a minute. After countless tries and wiggles, his grandmother was able to yank it out on Saturday. He was so proud! But then came his big dilemma: He was spending the night with his grandparents and was concerned that the Tooth Fairy wouldn't know where to find him. We were quick to reassure him that the Tooth Fairy is magical and she would know exactly where he was. Chipmunk was still worried that the Tooth Fairy would get confused so he wrote the sweetest note letting the Tooth Fairy know that Monkey wasn't there and providing her with the address where he (and his tooth) was. He made sure to leave it on Monkey's pillow just to be safe. So sweet. I love it that they have each other's back and look out for their siblings. I need to keep reminding myself of that amongst all of the chaos and noise. Despite all of the yelling and fighting, they really do love each other.


Christen L said...

They are both adorable. Love the tooth-y pics. :)

Anonymous said...

The pictures were great. So sorry Pudding had to have another bad experience at the Dr. office. What a brave mother!

Sally...4 boys + 1 princess.. said...

Brotherly love, gotta love it. Sorry to hear about Puddings teeth, hopefully one of these days he will have a good experience with a Dr.

Rachel said...

I love it! Alex just got a filling and he really hated the numbness as well. He usually does really well at the dentist, but was not happy after that one! He also took a nap (so unusual for him) and woke up feeling much better. Your boys look adorable!