Friday, February 26, 2010

Happy Day (Part 2)

Apparently, not all of Ally's post made it to me last time, so I got the second part tonight. This was written last night there, which was this morning here.

He had his first bath with us tonight too. He liked it a lot I think. He kept trying to pick up and hold the water. He smells so good now; nothing like the smell of a clean baby rubbed down in baby lotion.
The only real issue we've had so far has been sleeping. He sleeps great once asleep: he went to bed last night at 8:30 and he didn't wake up until almost 9:00 this morning. He's taking 2+ hour naps too. But he refuses to have anything to do with his crib. The only time he has cried at all has been when we've laid him down in the crib, then the sobs start immediately. At this point, we can't even lay him down in our bed. He wants to be held to go to sleep and we can't lay him down until he's in a deep sleep. I know co-sleeping is great for bonding and I don't mind it a bit right now, but I can see where this is going to develop into a long-term habit. I suppose we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.
We were also able to skype with Monkey and HotDog today. I was a little worried how HD would do with seeing us but I think she handled it great. I'm not sure she knew exactly what was going on but she did recognize us and blow us kisses. Monkey loved seeing his new baby brother and kept asking when we were coming home. It was so nice talking to them and introducing them to Pudding. We hope to skype with Chipmunk tomorrow when he'll be on the farm with Monkey and HD.
Thanks for all of the comments. While I can't see my blog, I do get to read all of the comments you leave and it's so nice to receive so much support and love from our friends and family.And a big thank you to my favorite sister-in-law Dana for posting to my blog and keeping everyone updated.
Off to sleep now. We are going to the Great Wall tomorrow so I need to make sure I get a good night's sleep.


Betsy said...

Allison, we are so happy for you! Little Pudding is just precious - he has so much life and joy in his eyes! I'm sure he loves being the center of attention with his Mommy and Daddy. We will be praying for your bonding time and for your kiddos at home too! Keep the pictures coming!!!

Lori said...

Loving, loving, loving the updates!!! So much happiness for you!!!

Gianni said...

We are so excited for you guys...I have to say he has a Sal look in his eyes...Our boys together will equal trouble.

Joel and Lee-Anne said...

Hey guys!!! This is SOO fun reading all about your new little guy and reading about the journey. SO many memories are flooding back as I read about your sleep issues. We had similar ones with Naomi and we finally decided to have the crib taken out of the room - removing both the fear for her and the temptation for us to keep trying something that was causing so much trauma. She did fine once we got home an slowly transitioned her. Enjoy the co-sleeping for now and let it be a sweet time of bonding. He is such a cutie-pie and seems so full of personality!!!
While you guys are there - we are here paper-chasing today. We drove all over the state getting our documents certified. Hoping to have our dossier to China within 2 weeks tops. :)
Can't wait to see what tomorrow holds for you guys. Admiring your family!!!! :) Much love, Lee-Anne

Ms. Crystal said...

I was so excited to read your blog and find out how everything is going. We miss your family very much and I can't wait to meet Pudding. I love seeing the pictures and he is full of smiles. Take care!

Christen and Frank said...

Thanks for keeping us updated! I'd say if wanting to sleep with you is the biggest issue you're having, then things are going pretty darn well! :)

Can't wait to hear what Chipmunk thinks of his new baby brother. When are you going home? I don't know the process in China - is it a long wait?