Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Another Halloween is in the books and it was a great one. The weather was perfect - a cool and crisp fall night. It is so nice when Halloween falls on a weekend night too; no running around after school trying to get changed, no having to stop trick-or-treating early to get in bed for school the next morning. The boys are at such a fun age - they totally get into dressing up and running from house to house asking for treats. HD had fun too. She didn't want to ride in her stroller though; she wanted to walk with the big kids. She was so funny - she would walk up to a door, get her treat, drop her bag, and then try to sit down on the porch and eat her candy. She did great though and walked through the neighborhood continually making the sign for candy at each house we passed:)
My kids know that on Halloween night, they get a free pass on eating candy. They can eat however much they can shove into their mouths. Boy oh boy, did they take advantage of that. Unfortunately, Chipmunk had a little too much candy and ended up getting sick in the middle of the night. He was sick throughout the next day too so I'm not sure if it was the candy or a virus.
I can't believe it is already November. I'm sure the rest of the year will fly by from this point on. Chipmunk's birthday is next week (can you believe he's going to be 7!?!) and then Thanksgiving and Christmas fesitivities begin.

Ready to start the night

Do you have any candy in there yet?

Trying to keep up with the big kids

Having fun with their cousin

Monkey going through his loot

HD trying to steal Chipmunk's candy


Can we say "sugar-high"?


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! It looks like fun. I am loving hd's pigtails too.

Mom to 2 Angels said...

Love their costumes!!

Jeanne said...

Looks like a super Halloween!

Lori said...

Sweet little costumes!! I love the "Eat as much as you can tonight rule"--my sister-in-law gives her kids Halloween night and 1/2 an hour the next day to eat as much as they can and the rest goes to school for their teacher's treat jars or whatever. Win-win!

Christen and Frank said...

Everyone looked so cute... but, that picture of Stu with a mini bumblebee is adorable!!

Maria said...

THANK YOU!!! for the pictures. :-) They are all just adorable. The costumes are perfect for them. Chipmunk's beautiful eyes showed up so great in that one picture. Poor Monkey -- sorry he got sick. :-( And Hotdog, such a sweet, sweet little girl. Her face reminds me more and more of Ellie's -- not sure why. She's SO BEE--utiful (couldn't resist). Let's try to get together sometime soon. I could come there this time!!

Margaret and Tom said...

Oh Allison, what a cute little Bee! Love the tights! The boys are so adorable too (or should I say handsome since they are getting so big!) Hope all is well with you guys!!!!!!!