Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day!

We received a phone call early this morning (at 5:20 a.m....uggh) announcing school was closed. A quick peek outside revealed about five inches of snow on the ground. The boys were so happy, and I was excited since Stu was snowed in with us. Yahoo!! Stu and the boys quickly bundled up and ended up playing out in the snow for about three hours. I think Stu might have had more fun than the boys did, sledding down the hills and throwing snowballs. I decided to put HotDog in her snowsuit and let her experience her first snow. It took about ten minutes to get her suited up but she looked adorable. As for her feelings about the snow:
It started out great

And quickly went downhill.

She lasted about five minutes and we headed back in and warmed up with hot chocolate (and warm formula for her). It worked out great; the girls stayed cozy inside and watched the boys playing their little hearts out.
I should have known they would be exhausted but silly mommy tried to take photos for the Christmas card last night. You can imagine how it turned out:

I'm tempted to just send this out for a laugh. I'm driving myself crazy trying to get three kids to look at the camera at the same time, much less all smile. I'll give it one more attempt and then I'm finished.
Anyway, I'll wrap it up with a couple of cute pictures. I can't believe my baby turned nine months old today! She's is growing such much right before our eyes. And it's amazing to think that she's been home with us for two months; it really does feel like she's been here forever. I'm trying to savour every single second with my family because time really does fly.....


Anonymous said...

HD is such a doll. I can't believe she is just 9 months either with all the things she is doing. It helps to have 2 active boys for her to imitate. I know they must have loved the snow.

Anonymous said...

The Christmas card photo attempt is hilarious! I'm laughing out loud over here. The snow day looks like it was fun. No winter weather in Atlanta... It's 70 degrees today!

By the way, Happy Birthday!! Looks like all of your birthday wishes have come true this year.


Jackie said...

Look at all that snow! I wouldn't know what to do if I looked out my window and saw that :)

I cannot believe HD is 9 mos old...wow. You are so right about how time flies. It's crazy, really! She is so cute and looks very happy (aside from that snow picture and I don't blame her with that one ;)

Please let me know about your trip to Disney/Orlando as the date draws near. I would love to try and meet up and would certainly work to organize another TGR with anyone who is able to attend.

Thanks for your post on my blog!!


Carey and Norman said...

Cute photos. 5 inches....we got a dusting. I too was hoping for more so we could play outside. They did cancel schools, but ours melted before lunchtime.

I love the Christmas picture. I think getting two to look is hard, so I can only imagine. A friend of mine sent one out with her three in the tub with bubbles and Santa hats. It was too sweet!!

Maria said...

She gets more adorable every day! She had the same reaction that I suspect I'll get from The Princess when/if she gets to experience snow. I LOVE the Christmas photo. You could use it in a series on the card, you know? She's a doll!! Happy birthday -- again!

Margaret and Tom said...

Her hair is getting so long, I'm jealous, I am still working on getting Milana to grow enough hair for bows! She is just adorable in that snowsuit too!

Anonymous said...

ACK! She is so adorable! Especially adorable in that snow suit.

Love the Christmas photo. LOL!

~ Joanna

Becky said...

LOVE the Christmas photo.

Here in MN, we've had snow off and on for about 2wks. It started last night about midnight and its still snowing now... we have at least a 12'' base! Merry Christmas!

Hannah said...

HI, I just found your blog today and loved it. My son was born in Russia and my daughter in Guatemala.

Your family is beautiful! Congratulations on bringing your daughter home!

sandy said...

Hi, I found your blog tonight too and was enjoying your pictures of your beautiful children. We just recently adopted our third child from Russia and she looks very much like HD, but a few months older. We also went through Adoption Options. They were great!

Johnda said...

She is such a doll...And time does fly by..I keep saying that. Because I know this is the last child we will have I try to savior every moment...