Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching Up

Somehow I found a few minutes to do a quick update. Things are great here but I am finding it so difficult to finish any task that takes more than five minutes. Chasing three kids around is a lot of work! So many people warned me that the transition from two children to three was much harder than from one child to two. I was terrified of this, as I had such a difficult time when we added Monkey to our family. However, I’m finding the transition from two to three to be quite easy; due in part to the good-nature of HotDog, I’m sure. If anything, the addition of another child has had a really positive impact on me. I used to be happy in a household of organized chaos. No more. I am currently in the process of organizing everything in our house. I don’t have the time to hunt and search for every little thing. I need to know exactly where everything is; this is essential as I can tell one of the boys what I need and where it is if I’m busy with Little Miss. I’ve also learned the benefits of planning ahead and following a schedule. No more spur of the moment trips to the grocery to pick up a few things I forgot. It’s too difficult to drag all three kids anywhere, especially now that it’s getting cold outside. I’ve started making a detailed list of what I need and if I forget something then it waits until the next run to the store. We are currently in the process of moving Monkey to his own room (he is currently sharing a room with Chipmunk). This is forcing me to finally clear out the guest bedroom/junk room and I’m getting rid of a ton of stuff that we haven’t used in years. It is such a great feeling to drop a big load off at Goodwill or a consignment store.
Last week was our big appointment with the IA doctor and HD did great. She is either on target or ahead of where she is supposed to be in every single area they tested. The doctors were all very impressed with her development and completely charmed with her big smiles and giggles. All of the tests have been negative so far (which is a good thing) although we are still waiting on a few results. The blood draw wasn’t fun but she was a trooper. Unfortunately they weren’t able to get enough the first time around so we had to return a few days later for another blood draw. She was not a happy camper; thank goodness we are finished with that part of it. We did find out that she has gained some weight too. She weighs a whopping 19.5 pounds at seven months old. Such a big girl!
Also, we received HD’s certificate of citizenship this week (it just took three weeks - that must be a record for the federal government) so we now get her a social security number. That should be the last of the important paperwork we need to complete…until the post-placement reports begin in a few months.
So now that the big round of medical appointments is over, I’m hoping that I’ll have time to catch my breath. Of course, the calendar looks pretty busy over the next six weeks: Chipmunk’s birthday is today…Happy 6th Birthday!! Monkey’s “Family Day” (Stu abhors the term Gotcha Day so we call the day we picked up Monkey “Family Day”) is next week, followed by Thanksgiving, then my birthday and Christmas festivities begin.
But this is my absolute favorite time of the year and we are so thankful that HD is home with us to celebrate the holidays. I wouldn’t trade this time for all of the sleep in the world.
Off to celebrate Chipmunk’s big day now. I don’t think there is anything sweeter than experiencing the excitement and joy of a birthday through your child’s eyes.
Life is good…..

My birthday boy

Brotherly Love

A picture is worth a thousand words


Becky said...

Happy Birthday Chipmunk! 6 is a great year!

Carey and Norman said...

I'm so glad you are doing well. I enjoyed the photos of Monkey, Chipmunk, and Hot Dog. Very sweet. I always wondered about the transition from 2 to 3 kids. At home and once on location, sometimes 2 can be easier than 1 as they have one another to entertain. Going shopping is where I think 2 is tricky. I can't imagine 3. I'm glad you shared the perspective of small errands we all take for granted....even though we tend to run ours on the way home from work.

Great to hear from you. Happy Birthday Chipmunk.

Becky and Keith said...

Happy, happy birthday!! I love the "worth the wait" shirt - that is way too cute! :-)

Jeanne said...

Sounds like your organizational skills are impressive--good luck keeping things together! Happy Birthday to your big boy, too!

Jackie S said...

Good job getting things organized! Happy Birthday to Chipmunk. And what a great report on HD. She is getting so big. You are doing a wonderful job as mom to three :)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Chipmunk!! Hope he had a great day yesterday. Glad to hear everyone is doing well and HD is happy and healthy.

Margaret and Tom said...

Happy Birthday to Chipmunk! I love the big smiles on the boys faces in the pictures...they are so sweet! Love the picture of HD too :) Glad her doctors visit went so well, she is just a peach!

Jennifer Main said...

Tell Chipmunk Happy Birthday from all of us!! WOW 6 already!! HD is too cute!! Love her cheeks and grin!!


kayla said...

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Jes said...

Glad to hear everything's falling into place!


Anonymous said...

Awwww...six is a great age!

I can't find your email address. The climby/bouncy place is Incredible Dave's on Westport Road. You pay 5.95 and the kids can spend the whole day there. There's a restaurant too, so the kids can play on their own (if they're old enough) while the parents relax. :) It's like Chuck E. Cheese, only much better.

HD is SO beautiful. I'm really happy for you guys. What a wonderful family!

~ Joanna