Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nothing New

Nothing much to say other than this wait is horrible! We are missing our baby girl SO MUCH and can't wait to hold her again. The wait was never this hard with the boys; I'm assuming because we had definite return dates with them and the wait was only about five weeks...not several months. We are anxiously awaiting to hear when our court date will be but don't expect it to happen before the end of June at the earliest. We were fortunate enough to get some updated pictures of our little one last week. Our good friend is in the country right now visiting her soon-to-be daughter and was able to take a couple of pictures of HotDog for us. She is as cute as ever and looks to be losing a little bit of her hair. Maybe when new hair grows in it will lay down a little bit:) Thank you so much Maria! You can't imagine how much we appreciate these little glimpses of our girl as we wait.
The boys finished their school year earlier this week. Yahoo!! We are going to have such a fun summer. Of course, right now our area is being bombarded by cicadas that attack you as soon as you walk outside, so our outside time is limited. Both of our nieces (both are close in age to our boys) have spent a lot of time at our house this week which is great. They play great together (for the most part) and it gives me extra time to start working on the nursery. I have started to putting some of her clothes away in the dresser. They are so cute and teeny tiny and pink. I love to sit in the glider and just imagine what it will be like to have HotDog home. Such wishful dreaming.
Only three weeks until the Monkey's 4th birthday! Only three weeks and one day until we leave for the beach! Summer life is good.


Carey and Norman said...


I remember how hard the wait was and I feel for you as you wait. I'm so glad you were able to get some pictures of your daughter. That helps as you feel like you are getting a glimpse of how she is doing, how big she will be, etc. Just keep busy with the boys and preparing the nursery and you will receive the call when you least expect it (okay, I realize that not one day goes by that you don't wonder or think about when you will receive the call).

Thinking of you!

Debbie B said...

I could never imagine the wait. I'll be praying for you though.
What a treat to receive pictures.
Sounds like you're all ready to enjoy summer.

Troy and Rachel said...

Oh, I hope you hear news very soon of bringing your little girl home. Take time to enjoy Monkey's birthday (I know you will) and hopefully there will be an extra present for you (a return date!!)

Michael and Carrie said...

The wait is so hard, especially when you don't know when you are going back! It is good that you all have some things going on to keep you busy this summer! I hope the nursery is coming along well! Her clothes sound so cute! I can't wait to hear more about her!

Julie & John Wright said...

Hi from Tokmok, Just a quick hello, your boys are so cute. Please pray for Angela, she is soon going to hospital for an assessment and such. She may go to an orphanage that has special education classes. Can't imagine how the change will be for her. Her gramma started visiting her at the orphanage, it was neat to see them interact.
Hang in there while you wait and May God continue to richly Bless you and yours, Love Julie

Rachel said...

I am so glad you were able to get some pics, though I know the wait is killing you! Happy early birthday to Monkey! We are having Alex's birthday at Chuck E Cheese this year (a little blast from the past for me). It looks like he will be giving ME a more diapers (ok, aside from nap and sleep)! He's so close!

Margaret & Tom said...

Hang in there, it goes slow, but as soon as you have the travel dates you will be scrambling to get stuff done :) and it will start flying by. There is nothing like those pictures from other Kyrgyzstan parents to get you through the wait too! Hope HotDog has a great birthday!

Christen & Frank said...

Not sure why my bloglines didn't update this. I am just now finding it. :(

Anyways, I'm sure your boys will keep you busy, busy this summer and the time will fly! I hope so.

Do we get to see nursery pictures? hint, hint.