Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Birthday for Pudding

In all of the LOA excitement, I failed to mention that Pudding's birthday was last week too. It was quite a week for celebration at our house! We had a big party for him last year on his 3rd birthday (the first birthday he celebrated with us), so we kept it low-key this year...well, as low-key as things get around here.
We started the day at a local gymnastics facility for some bouncy fun. HD isn't all that fond of bouncy houses (nor is she a fan of other kids in general) so she stuck close to the ball pit for much of the morning.

They pretended to "swim" in the balls for more than an hour; I pretended not to think about what kind of germs covered those hundreds of plastic balls. We followed that up with a yummy lunch of PB&J before heading home for a quick nap in preparation for their first soccer practice/game of the season.

Yes, Stu signed up the Littles for soccer in the U4 league this fall. I was a little hesitant at first; after all, they are just three- (and a brand new) four-years-old. But the league is all about getting the kids on the field and letting them have fun. Considering they have to sit through their brothers' practices/games, this might be the perfect introduction to the (very) basic fundamentals of the game.

They were both very excited about playing soccer...HD was particularly excited about her pink soccer gear! Their excitement last approximately six minutes.

It started with Pudding getting upset because he had to take turns (very unusual for this kid...I think the long morning was starting to catch up with him). Then HD declared that she was finished because, "It is so very hot." The girl does not like hot weather. And the idea that we wanted her to run in hot weather...ha! She had a meltdown, Pudding had a meltdown; we were quite the spectacle! I learned my lesson though - no busy mornings on the day of soccer for those two. I'm hoping next week's practice/game will be better...otherwise it is going to be a looong six weeks.
Tears were exchanged for big smiles at the suggestion of going home for a little birthday cake. Seriously, does this boy not radiate happiness?!?!

The birthday celebrations didn't end there. We followed that up with a small swim party with Stu's family. I think Pudding was more excited about his dinosaur cake (his newest obsession) than anything else that weekend!

Another birthday in the books. Based on the smiles, I think it was a success.
Happy Fourth Birthday to the Happiest Little Kid I know!